refillable vape Tricks: Must-Learn Techniques for Impressive Clouds

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Mastering refillable vape tricks adds an element of fun and creativity to your vaping sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced refillable vaper, learning these impressive techniques can elevate your vaping skills and impress your friends. Here are some must-learn refillable vape tricks along with step-by-step instructions:

1. Ghost Inhale (Snap Inhale)


  1. Take a long drag of vapor into your mouth.
  2. Hold the vapor briefly in your mouth, then push it out in a quick burst.
  3. Immediately inhale the vapor back into your mouth.

2. Dragon Breath


  1. Take a deep drag and hold the vapor in your mouth.
  2. Slowly exhale the vapor through your nostrils and corners of your mouth simultaneously, creating a dragon-like effect.

3. French Inhale


  1. Take a long drag and let the vapor sit in your mouth without inhaling.
  2. Slowly open your mouth and push your lower jaw forward to allow the vapor to escape.
  3. Inhale through your nose while the vapor rises, creating a cascading effect.

4. Bane Inhale (Push O’s)


  1. Take a deep drag and hold the vapor in your mouth.
  2. Form an “O” shape with your lips.
  3. Push a small burst of vapor from your throat using short, controlled cough-like motions to create rings.

5. Tornado (Twister)


  1. Take a drag and exhale the vapor onto a flat surface (like a table or floor) in a circular motion.
  2. Quickly flick your wrist upwards through the center of the vapor cloud to create a swirling tornado effect.

Tips for Mastering refillable vape Tricks

  • Practice Regularly: Like any skill, mastering refillable vape tricks requires practice and patience. Start with basic tricks and gradually progress to more advanced techniques.
  • Use High VG E-Liquids: Vegetable glycerin (VG) produces denser vapor clouds compared to propylene glycol (PG). Opt for e-liquids with high VG content for optimal cloud production.
  • Experiment with Airflow Settings: Adjust the airflow on your device to control vapor density and thickness. Experiment with different settings to find what works best for each trick.
  • Stay Safe: Avoid overexerting yourself or inhaling excessively during refillable vape tricks. refillable vape responsibly and prioritize safety.


Learning refillable vape tricks is a fun way to showcase your vaping skills and enjoy a more interactive vaping experience. Practice these must-learn techniques, and remember to refillable vape responsibly and considerately in public spaces.

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